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Meet Harry Nelson

What I do

Welcome to my website based around my culinary career. I love food, and fine dining which has led to my career taking an interesting turn, allowing me to do what I love in a way I enjoy it most. 
As a trained chef and butcher I've decided to do tutorials to help you learn more about cooking.

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Who am I?

As a passionate Chef, I came to a cross roads when the culinary industry came face to face with Coronavirus. Since then I've found a way to keep doing what I love in an enjoyable way. I decided to do the hard work I would normally do in a restaurant, but from your own home.

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Professional History

My qualifications

August 2017 - November 2019

Starting as a commis chef and working up to a crucial member of the team in an iconic restaurant for a Michelin starred chef.

Marcus Wareing Restaurants

Feburary 2020 - Present

Sous Chef, Brucan Pubs

While starting as a Chef De Party I quickly rose to the rank of Sous Chef, soon realising my ability to both lead a team and run a fully operating kitchen and restaurant. This has shaped me into who I am today.

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Tricks of the Trade


Menu Planning

The only thing I enjoy perhaps more than cooking itself is planning the entire menu. I believe the menu needs to sing as one enjoyable meal for everyone at the table which is something I feel most tend to overlook.



Learning from the best chefs and butchers in the area, there are few meats I can't prepare for a delicious meal.


Rounding Out

I haven't always been a chef however I have always been drawn to hospitality in one way or another, spending time around food as well as guests. In my opinion knowing how to sell the food I make is just as important as the taste.

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